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At Quiet Interiors we Install a comprehensive range of domestic soundproofing systems and solutions for the effective treatment of walls, ceilings and floors in houses & flats as well as offices and commercial buildings.


Amongst many of our acoustic soundproofing products are sound absorbers such as wall & ceiling panels, acoustic wood and stretch fabrics. These products can be used on domestic projects as well as larger scale industrial and commercial products. We carry out works all over the UK.

Quiet Interiors design, supply, build and install every part of a home cinema room. From the soundproofing to the smart home control. Quiet Interiors are also a full service premier dealer for entertainment technology and advanced automation in homes and businesses. Using the latest in technology, we design systems to integrate with the way you live and work, creating a smarter, safer and more intuitive home or business. Visit our showroom with areas set up where you can experience automation solutions for both residential and commercial – before you buy. Let us work with you on your home or business to custom design a solution that meets your lifestyle and desired goals.

We are also recognised as one of the preferred installers in the UK for BASWA acoustic plaster system and Clipso ceiling and wall fabric coverings which are widely used in schools, public sector buildings, galleries, museums and restaurants to combat reverberation issues in large open areas. 


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