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Acoustic Plaster in St Albans

Acoustic Plaster in St Albans

Acoustic Plaster in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Quiet Interiors carry out Acoustic plaster Installations in St Albans and surrounding areas. At Quiet Interiors we Install a comprehensive range of domestic soundproofing systems and solutions in St Albans City for the effective treatment of walls, ceilings and floors in houses & flats as well as offices and commercial buildings. Detailed information on all of our services and products can be found throughout our website or for further information and advice please feel free to contact us!

Acoustic Ceilings in St Albans City

When noise from above is the problem, the Quiet Interiors soundproof ceiling range offers professional-grade noise insulation between floors.  Ideal for any space from residential to commercial, new build to refurbishment, the British made soundproof ceiling system works by creating an isolated ceiling that significantly reduces vibrations and sound pressure waves caused by noise in the rooms above. A fully isolated, floating soundproof ceiling is now possible with as little 6mm ceiling height loss.  All the work is carried out from the room below by our team of specialist installers so your noisy upstairs neighbours never need to know.

Acoustic Walls

Quiet Interiors Soundproof Wall Systems can be applied to a wall that’s under construction or be added to an existing wall, post-construction. There are several ways to soundproof a wall. Improvements in the soundproofing industry have resulted in products that are more effective and cost less than traditional wall soundproofing methods. If you're looking for a soundproof installer in the St Albans area then Quiet Interiors can help

Acoustics in your Home or work place

How to soundproof floors with the Quiet Interiors range of floor soundproofing products. Reduce airborne and impact noise between floors by increasing the sound insulation between floors. Find out which is the best soundproofing materials for soundproofing timber and concrete floors. Our experts explain how to soundproof a floor, if you are a homeowner or an experienced developer. Solutions on how to soundproof a floor against noisy neighbours and soundproofing a floor to meet Part E Building Regulations. We carry out soundproof floor installations in St Albans and Hertfordshire

Quiet Interiors Install Acoustic Solutions in the following Towns and Cities

Soundproofing & Acoustic Showroom coming to St Albans

Quiet interiors are moving their showrooms to Victoria Street, St Albans. We will be making St Albans our new home. We will have soundproofed and acoustically treated rooms for our clients to experience along with all the finest acoustic finishes available. Acoustic plaster ceilings and stretch acoustic ceilings will be on show along with wall coverings. We will also have 3 different types of cinema rooms and the finest audio systems available. Our St Albans showroom is coming Summer 2021

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