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Acoustic Wood Panels


Quiet Interiors Acoustic Wood for Walls

Quiet Interiors manufactures acoustic wooden slat wall panels to bring the beauty and calming essence of nature to your home or workplace. We oversee each area of production, from selecting the standing trees, right through to the distribution of the end product ensuring only the highest quality products are made for our clients.

Each member of our team has a passion not only for the finished products we sell but also for the raw beauty of wood. Helping to refine natures charm, bringing a calming, quiet, Scandinavian feel to almost any space.

Our customer base ranges from individual clients who would like to create a feature wall in their home, through to businesses who need to reduce the acoustics in a commercial environment, to large public projects.

Primarily used in commercial spaces, our wooden acoustic panels provide excellent sound reduction. Due to their warm soft aesthetics, more and more private clients are choosing them for their own residences.

Throughout the production process, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment. Our eco-sustainable approach means we produce all our acoustic wood products using sustainable or recycled materials.

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