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Acoustic Plaster Ceiling Installer UK - BASWA

BASWA Acoustic Samples
Acoustic Plaster Finishes

Quiet Interiors' acoustic plaster is a professional-grade acoustic product that can be applied to walls or ceilings to quieten any space. Our acoustic plasters provide excellent acoustic performance combined with a multitude of specialist finishes, thicknesses, and configurations that give you limitless design and sound-controlling potential.

Our acoustic plasters are hand applied based on your specifications, so get creative and have fun! Choose from a wide variety of colour options to suit your design preferences. Have a colour in mind? Let our sound insulating team know, and we’ll arrange a sample of your choice!

The craftsmanship and materials of the Baswa Acoustic Plaster are of the highest standards available on the market. Handmade in Switzerland, our acoustic plasters are all made with high-quality recycled materials. All Quiet Interiors acoustic plasters have a flammability rating of Class A and will pass stringent building code requirements for exposed materials.

Read more about our acoustic plasters and why they are perfect room soundproofing solution for you.

BASWA Acoustic Plaster Technical Features


  • Excellent broadband sound absorption up to Class A. 

  • Minimal installation height. 

  • Natural marble finish. 

  • Smooth, seamless surface. 

  • Comprehensive colour selection (BASWA Colours, NCS, RAL, etc.) 

  • Airtight system to prevent accumulation of airborne particles. 

  • Full maintenance, cleaning and repair solutions (BASWA Clean, BASWA Blonde, BASWA Fresh etc.) 

  • Installation only by BASWA certified operatives.

  • Non-flammable (A2-s1, d0) according to BS EN 13501-1. 

  • CE certified/ ETA-No:16/ 0144 (CSTB).

  • Very low VOC content. 

  • Up to 95% recycled material.

Sustainable Materials

BASWA acoustic is committed to sustainability, from manufacturing to finished product to support long-term ecological balance.

BASWA acoustic continues to comply with changing guidelines and regulations; including LEED and WELL. HPDs and Declare Labels are available for all products.

Health & Wellbeing

Integrating acoustics into architecture fosters occupant health and wellbeing by creating acoustically comfortable environments that improve on intentional human interactions and productivity.

Integrating acoustics into architecture fosters occupant health and wellbeing by creating acoustically comfortable environments that improve on intentional human interactions and productivity.

Healthy Architecture

Healthy Architecture is a commitment to occupant health and wellbeing in the built environment. Learn how acoustic design and proper acoustic treatments can positively impact your environment.

Carefully Selected Raw Acoustic Materials


Materials Matter

The original, most specified sound absorbing plaster system, for 25 years. BASWA acoustic provides customers with premium materials backed by consistent, reliable service. BASWA Phon durable marble finishes seamlessly integrate into your design. Comfort and aesthetics combined to create an optimal acoustic environment.

BASWA Acoustic Systems


BASWA Fine Sample 2020


BASWA Fine Sample 2020
BASWA Classic Top Sample

BASWA Classic Top

BASWA Cool Sample


BASWA Acoustic Accessories

BASWA Access Panel

BASWA Access Panel

BASWA Corner Sample bead

BASWA Corner Bead

BASWA Protec

BASWA Protect

BASWA Aluminium L profile

BASWA  Aluminium L Profile

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BASWA Severance tape

BASWA Severance tape

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BASWA foam severance tape

BASWA Severance Foam

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BASWA Seal Tape

BASWA Seal tape

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BASWA Sonic Speaker

BASWA Sonic Speaker

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Acoustic Plaster Colours

BASWA Colour Chart

BASWA Finishes can be integrally tinted to match any design intent by adding BASWA Colours Tint Additives. Given the porous properties of BASWA Finishes, each colour recipe is visually compared with the original colour swatch by the BASWA Techinical Department. One vial of tint additive, supplied by BASWA acoustic, is added to each pail of finish coat material and pails are batched to ensure a consistent finished colour.

Acoustic Plaster Colours
Acoustic plaster ceiling colours

What Acoustic Plasters Will Do for You:

Our acoustic plasters quieten your space by absorbing noise. This sound-absorbing plaster draws in and envelops loud and harsh sounds, giving you the silence you need to concentrate, relax, or hear your own music clearly. If you’re plagued by the sounds of traffic from outside, muffled conversations among your upstairs neighbours, or other distracting sounds, our acoustic plasters can finally give you some much-needed peace and quiet. From internal wall soundproofing for your flat's bedroom to soundproofing ceilings and exterior walls to cut down on the distraction of noisy neighbours, our acoustic plaster is perfect for a variety of applications.

Acoustic plasters will add privacy to your space by preventing sound from escaping. With our acoustic plaster noise insulation for walls and ceilings in place, those outside will not be able to hear what is happening inside. You are free to have conversations without fear of being overheard, play loud music without worrying about complaints from neighbours, or otherwise go about your business without worrying that the noise you are making will invite unwanted intrusions to your privacy.

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