The active BASWA Cool system uses an embedded capillary pipe system to provide thermal comfort. It can be installed directly in concrete ceilings or lowered systems.


Large space water transporting capillary pipe mats are installed close to the surface. While they require only a minimum amount of space and energy, they provide draft free and noiseless room temperature control paired with outstanding sound absorption. Thanks to the small amount of acoustic rendering coverings and the surface proximate installation as well as the good heat conductivity of the mineral-based acoustic stucco, the system delivers outstanding heating and cooling effects.



  • Excellent broadband sound absorption

  • Cooling results at Δ8K; 79W / m2 (according to DIN EN 14240:2004 - 04)

  • Heating results at Δ15K; 117W / m2 (according to DIN EN 14037- 02)

  • Minimal installation height

  • Smooth, groove free surface

  • Top coat Base, Fine or Top

  • Standard color ~ NCS S 0500-N

  • Comprehensive color selection (BASWA Colors, NCS, RAL, etc.)

  • Construction material class B-s1-d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1


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