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HiFi Furniture


Clic Hifi Furniture

Clic is a well thought out combination of hifi and exclusive Danish furniture design. The furniture allows you to hide cables, speakers, sub woofers, gaming consoles, projectors and everything else that disturbs the eye – and make it a part of a stylish setup – without compromising the great sound and design.


Fabric Doors

The fabric is not see through but still thin enough to play music and control your sound system with a remote without opening the doors. Easy and elegant.

Our fabric doors are compatible with all clic models except the Desktop model. Furthermore, it gives you the possibility to make your tv furniture even more unique, since we have 16 different colors to choose between.

On the picture above, we used a clic furniture as a wall-mounted tv table with fabric doors in the colour Black.

A hifi furniture with fabric doors is a good solution for the one who does not want to compromise with sound quality but still wants an elegant set up.


Wood Doors

The wood doors are designed in a timeless design without knobs.

Behind the door, top middle center, there is a hidden door mechanism. Push on the door and it opens.

After installation you can adjust the doors so they are mounted precisely in the furniture.


Wood drawers are available in the following paint and veneer quality’s:

White, black, grey and light grey paint.
Oak and walnut veneer.

After installation you can adjust the drawers so they are mounted precisely in the furniture. Adjustment may be needed after adding weight to the drawers.


The vinyls are set on a non-slip rubber mat.

If you order the vinyl hole in a clic furniture with a shelf you can adjust the height of the shelf and decide how much of your vinyls you want to display.

Depending on the placement of the shelf you will have space underneath it for other products.

Cable Holes

The cable cover plates are 2 mm thick and when placed in the top hole in the furniture they are aligned with the top plate.

The cable cover plates rest on 2 small plastic sticks placed in pre drilled tracks in the furniture. It is easy to place or remove the cable cover plate.


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