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Tips for Soundproofing Your Kid's Playroom

If you have kids in the house, you know just how chaotic it can get when they start playing. Even if their activities are restricted to a playroom, it's normal to hear the occasional whoop, shout, or scream as their frolicking hits a fever pitch.

These sounds can be distracting for you, especially on weekends or if you work from home. Learn how to soundproof the kid's playroom so that both chaos and tranquility can exist side by side in your home without one interfering with the other.

Walls and ceilings

When their romp is at its highest, sound can filter in through tiny gaps in the walls and ceilings, leaving you at the kids' mercy if you're in a nearby room.

For the ceiling, you can use a soundproofing system like the ISO-mount or Suspended Acoustic Soundproofing System, which are highly effective for keeping noise inside the playroom. For the walls, soundproofing solutions like the Quietboard Wall Lining and Independent Soundproof Wall System can block out noise from the kid's playroom.

Acoustic installations are also a great option as they make the walls more dense and absorb sounds well, keeping them from filtering into nearby rooms. 


With stomping sounds bound to filter into nearby rooms from the children's playroom, it becomes essential to find a soundproofing solution for the floors.

Installing rugs, carpets, and other furniture in the space can help to mute the sounds of heavy footfalls coming out of the rooms. However, you can further improve soundproofing capacity by incorporating floor underlayments such as the QuietMat Floor Underlay System.

This product is excellent for both airborne and impact noise and can be installed on carpet, tile, hardwood and other flooring types. 


Doors are another channel through which sounds can filter out of the kids' playroom into the rest of the house.

You can also use door seals and door sweeps. Door sweeps are attached to the bottom of the door with a gap-sealing rubber strip, while door seals adopt the same innovation but are installed in the gaps around the door's perimeter.

For thin doors, installing acoustic panels can help dampen vibrations and keep noise in your kid's playroom. 

Enjoy quiet in your home with soundproofing solutions 

Kids are an overly active bunch, and there's not much you can do when they're having fun in their playroom except to find a soundproofing solution.

At Quiet Interiors, our domestic soundproofing solutions will help you enjoy peace and quiet in your home regardless of the activities in the kids' playroom. Contact us today for a quote. 



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