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MK Sound LCR 750 THX

MK Sound LCR 750 THX

The NEW Miller & Kreisel 750 Series takes the THX Select category to new a level and we are proud to introduce a true acoustic upgrade, in the form of our own customized Danish designed and produced tweeters.

We’ve taken the innovative high-performance technologies from the S150 Series and integrated them into the NEW Miller & Kreisel 750 Series.

New Danish-designed high-performance tweeters
28 mm vented voice coils provide high power handling and extended linearity.
28 mm high-precision coated soft dome.
Specially constructed resonance-damped tweeter magnet-system for precise transient control.
Integrated waveguide combined with short horn load for wide dispersion and smooth frequency response.
High frequency prism system – Curved metal grill and angle tweeter for optimized off-axis response as well as on-axis response.
New 5.25-inch woofers
Aluminum distortion-killer rings for reduced distortion at high SPL levels.
New extra-stiff coated fiberglass cone with special M&K profile geometry.
Vented pole piece in magnet system for low compression performance.
Vented voice coil for low compression.
New optimized crossovers
Phase-focused crossover designs optimized for low crossover points and transient control.
New proprietary M&K Sound interconnect cables.

Specifications for the LCR750 Speaker
Nominal system impedance
4 ohm (Z-min 3.4 ohm)
Frequency Response:
80-20Khz (average response in room +/- 3dB)
Frequency roll off:
80 Hz (-6dB at 80 Hz near field)
Crossover Frequency:
1.6 Khz (“Phase focused” 4th/2nd oder)
1,1″ Silk Coated Dome
2 x 5.25″ Coated Glass Fibre
Power handling:
150 watt (Long term IEC-268-5 (cycled input 80-20Khz)
Power handling:
80 watt (Rated IEC-268-5 (constant input 80-20Khz)
Recommended Amplifier Power:
25-400 watt (recommended amp power to drive speaker)
90 dB (avarage SPL 2.83V/ 1mtr on axis 200-10Khz)
System princip:
Sealed enclosure
Terminal gold plating (screws/gloves/rubber feets)
Dimensions HxWxD:
16.1 x 7 x 8.8” / 40.8 x 17.8 x 22.3 cm
15,25 lbs / 6,9 kg
Black Vinyl
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