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Quietstone design and manufacture a unique range of sound insulating, sound absorbing and fire resistant products. Their core products are for acoustic absorption - that is absorbing unwanted sound. From external noise barriers to conference room ceilings we can make your environment quieter, more peaceful, improve the clarity of speech and the quality of music. As manufactures we can produce acoustic panels and tiles in the size, shape and colour that you choose, providing both functionality & beauty. They also manufacture acoustic plaster for a seamless finish. In addition Quietstone is fire and blast resistant so our range includes robust weatherproof fire resistant and blast proofing panels.

Quietstone shapes

True innovators they have developed their own materials from which they design and manufacture unique products to deliver solutions for clients problems. Elegant and effective solutions for controlling unwanted noise and also fire proofing, thermal insulation and blast protection. Our acoustic experts are here to provide advice and help develop a solution for your needs. They can manufacture products to meet your specifications - the exact size and colour. We can offer a free noise survey, to review and measure the nature of your noise problem, and thus propose appropriate solutions. From ceilings to floors, and fences to walls, we can make your world quieter.

Quietstone Light

Quietstone Light is a rigid, durable panel made from recycled glass. The panels are suitable for interior and exterior uses especially where an element of impact resistance is required. Quietstone Light can be pigmented or treated with a range of finishes to suit your individual requirements

Quietstone Light



Reapor is a class A (0.95nrc) acoustic panel at 50mm thick bonded directly to a surface.

Its honeycomb matrix makes this panel one of the best sound absorbing acoustic panels for interior and exterior applications.

The panels have the highest possible fire rating of non combustible and will withstand all weather conditions.

Quietstone edge

Quietstone acoustic Plaster

Quietspray Acoustic Plaster is one of the best acoustic treatments on the market. It can be applied to the ceiling area of a room where it absorbs sound and reduces reverberation. This seamless acoustic ceiling improves the clarity of sound, making it an ideal solution for theatres, schools, conference facilities and other spaces where good acoustics is important.

Quietstone Office

Acoustic Honeycomb

Quietshapes are one of the most versatile and hard wearing acoustic tiles available.  Ideal for use on ceilings or walls inside or outside. This range of acoustic tiles can be manufactured to your exact specification, any size, shape or colour enabling you to create a unique and stunning feature. 


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