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Soundproof Doors in London

We're a leading manufacturer of acoustic doors from 31dB - 48dB. Our acoustic doorsets come with a range features, such as fire resistance that make them suitable for a whole range of uses.

soundproof door installation london

Soundproof Door for Noise Reduction

Soundproof doors feature strong glass and extra sturdy seals that prevent sound from leaking through, so whether you want to keep noise out of a room, or prevent noise from a room escaping outside, an acoustic door is a vital addition to a number of environments.

If you’d like further information our team of experts is always on hand to guide you and give you advice based on years of experience and successful installations. Quiet Interiors Install Soundproof doors in London and surrounding areas.

Our 48dB Doors

  • Suitable for Hotel inter-communicating doors

  • Comprises two doors back to back

  • Pre hung only (includes frame)

  • Includes pre-hanging on BZP lift off hinges

  • Twin doors only

  • Not suitable for glazing

  • Hardwood or Softwood Frame

  • Double automatic drop seals to base of door leaf

  • Fire strips to suit 30 or 60 minute ratings

  • Aluminium threshold for use over soft floor coverings

What does a Soundproof Door cost?

Our soundproof doors are a bespoke item. Made to measure for your requirements. A typical door supplied and installed starts at £2000+vat

soundproof door installations

Soundproof Door Installation

Quiet Interiors are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke flush Acoustic Doors and we are proud to have received the Quiet Mark accreditation which is a symbol of quality and excellence reflecting our own company ethos, assuring our customers of the highest standards and the performance of our products.

Acoustic doors of 35dB and above are supplied as complete assemblies with a frame.  We can supply duel certifications against fire and most can be supplied in the veneer or laminate of your choice.

  • Acoustic door specifications of 35dB and above

  • Every door made to order with a range of finishes available

  • Supplied with fire rated protection from 30 mins to 240 mins

  • Glass panels can be added with some limitations

  • Bespoke manufacturing options make them suitable for all sectors

  • Industry leading accreditations including Quiet Mark

Soundproof door specialists

Soundproof internal doors are heavily insulated to prevent sound and vibration from passing through the door, which results in noise reduction. There are many purposes for these doors and situations in which a soundproof door would solve the problem with noise. A soundproof door seal is suitable for loud and noisy areas, as it is able to be a barrier against irritating noises. However, in terms of how to soundproof a door, proper installation is required, which can be easily done by our fitting team comprised of professional members.

Soundproof doors are suitable for both residential and commercial areas. You can choose them for offices in which sensitive phone, face-to-face conversations or conferences are held. At the same time, a soundproof door can be used for home offices to separate work from personal life and avoid any distractions from other rooms such as television or family activities. If you are a light sleeper, an insulated internal door will block bothersome noise and help you have uninterrupted sleep. Also, a soundproof interior door is suitable for student rooms to create quiet environments in which students can effectively do their work.


Our soundproof made-to-measure interior doors can be manufactured as Non-FD30 or FD30, made of a full engineered core, ready to satisfy any customer’s needs and desires. Besides a full engineered core, FD30 soundproof doors also have an intumescent strep inside. Soundproof FD30 or Non-FD30 doors can be provided as European Style or British Style with different finishes such as laminated, real wood veneer or painted and even with glazing. A European Style interior door is a door leaf that is placed on the frame. The rebated door sets have a lip that overlaps the frame, providing a good seal against the draught. This helps a room retain its warmth and, in the right conditions, can help reduce energy costs. A British Style soundproof internal door is the door that comes at the same level as the door frame, creating a flush finish. The frame and architrave for European Style and British Style door sets come as finished products from the German factory and they can be supplied in the same finish as the door or in different finishes depending on customer’s needs and desires. The frame for both European and British Style doors has a rubber gasket on stop of it, which helps with soundproofing and it allows a smooth shut of the door.  The rubber seal matches the finish of the frame and architrave. To ensure a good level of soundproofing, this type of internal doors comes equipped with a drop-down threshold. The drop-down threshold is an automatic door seal that seals the door when closed by pressing it down on the floor.

Soundproof Doors For Recording Studios

These types of internal doors can be used for clubs and recording studios, for sealing the sound inside and not bothering the neighborhood. Also, they are chosen for rooms that require privacy and confidentiality such as doctor’s offices. These doors can be used even for production environments where loud machinery and tools are used constantly. Together with an internal one, this door can be chosen even as a soundproof front door or soundproof entry door of a flat, for better soundproofing of your home.

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