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The Smart Trilogy Showroom_edited.jpg

The Smart Trilogy Home Cinema Showroom

Quiet Interiors are part of the Smart Trilogy in St Albans Hertfordshire. The Smart Trilogy are a one stop shop for all your home entertainment needs.

Motion films and gaming  were designed to be fully immersive experience. In the perfect environment, it has the ability to suspend our disbelief and immerse us in the story. With absolute control over the environment, sound and picture, we can take the experience to a level that completely connects the viewer with the film. The Smart Trilogy use the latest technology to bring this idea to life.

It's about creating a truly incredible viewing experience, for films, sports, concerts, gaming, whatever you like to watch.

Whether it's a dedicated cinema or a more sociable, versatile space, the Smart Trilogy love putting their passion and creativity to the test.

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