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Acoustic Insulation

Rockwool Acoustic insulation
Acoustic insulation

Rockwool Acoustic Insulation for Noise Reduction

Nuisance noise doesn’t always come from external sources. Whether in a living or working environment, controlling the passage of sound between internal spaces can make the difference between a peaceful experience… or a much more stressful one. ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation Slab has been uniquely designed for use in internal and separating walls and floors, to reduce noise from adjacent rooms or properties within the same dwelling. The solution helps to create quiet, peaceful and comfortable spaces in residential and commercial environments


Rockwool Advantages

  • ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation Slab is made from mineral wool insulation, with a non-directional fibre orientation and high density, meaning sound waves are trapped and vibrations dampened. The acoustic slab also repels water and is vapour permeable, resisting rot and mold. 

  • In addition to its acoustic insulation properties, ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation Slab offers exceptional fire performance, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1000°C and has achieved the highest Euroclass A1 fire resistance classification. 

  • The insulation slabs are easy to fit around cables, pipes, sockets and services. The patented ‘FLEXI’ edge supports friction fitting without leaving gaps or cracks which could significantly reduce performance. 

  • Sound Insulation Slab is ideal for use in residential buildings such as home offices, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms, media and gaming rooms. The solution is suitable for application in walls, floors and lofts to control home acoustics. 


  • Quiet Mark TM approved 

  • ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation Slab is proven to provide optimum acoustic performance to industry standards and has been Quiet Mark TM approved. 

  • The highest Euroclass A1 fire rating for non-combustibility ensures the solution is a safe option for installation in homes, as well as providing acoustic control. 

  • The mineral wool insulation is water repellent and moisture permeable, preventing damp, resisting rot and mould, and allowing the insulation to breathe. 

  • The patented ‘FLEXI’ edge allows for easy friction fitting without leaving crack and gaps that can impede the insulation performance. 

Rockwool Sound insulation

Rockwool Installation

ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation Slab has been designed for use in internal and separating walls and floors, reducing noise from adjacent properties, and from other rooms within the same dwelling.

Noise is reduced by ROCKWOOL Sound Slab in two distinct ways, firstly by reducing the transmission of sound waves through the air, and secondly through damping of vibration based impact noise travelling through a structure. Details of the level of sound reduction that can be achieved are outlined in the application section below.

Sound Insulation Slab is made from stone wool and is non-combustible, awarded the highest Euroclass fire rating of A1, able to withstand temperatures

of above 1000°C. As well as acting as a barrier to fire, ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation also emits no toxic smoke.

Rockwool Soundproofing specialists

ROCKWOOL Sound Slab applications

This guide gives an overview of the key constructions for domestic sound proofing. Where appropriate, references for robust details are included, and system performance will meet or exceed those of
the building regulations listed above. For further information on acoustic regulations, systems and construction details visit to download the Acoustic Regulation Guides.

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