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Camira acoustic fabric Panels

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels from Quiet Interiors

Sound Absorbing Acoustic Fabric Panels

Though often forgotten or neglected, internal room acoustics are critical to the success of many environments, from recording studios to restaurants.  However many problematic acoustic anomalies can be resolved quite simply and effectively. Quiet Interiors Acoustic Panels help reduce room reverb

We can provide an assessment of your space and recommend appropriate acoustic treatment, whether as part of a building programme or through the use of retro-fitted acoustic panels.  We are also able to install our Acoustic panels once we have completed the specification. Our Acoustic Panel Systems vary in size, shape, and construction and we are sensitive to aesthetic considerations.  Quiet Interiors Acoustic Panel can be supplied with various different fabric coverings in a range of colours, and we can also print your photographs onto the fabric if desired.


In addition, and as part of our Building Specification service, we can provide unparalleled advice on sound insulation measures for all environments.

Acoustic Panels Fabric wrapped
Acoustic Panels by Quiet Interiors
Acoustic Panel installer

Quiet Interiors Acoustic Wall Panels in Hertfordshire

Quiet Interiors manufacture sound-absorbing products. We provide acoustic panel solutions for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem. Our solutions consist of acoustic products for walls and ceilings.

We have over 20 years of experience providing acoustic solutions for offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals, community halls, church halls, and other open-plan areas.


Quiet Interiors product range will enhance all interior environments whether traditional, modern, commercial, residential, new build, or refurb. We will offer a truly cost-effective solution. Our design teams are always innovating to make sure we can offer innovative sound solutions for your needs.

Our extensive skills and knowledge in the acoustic market allow us to provide functional specifications for client approval. Our in-house technicians are available to give advice and guidance on all of our product range.

Acoustic Panels
Acoustic panels
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