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Harrison Stretch Ceiling
Barrisol stretch Ceilings

Barrisol Stretch Ceilings

The first stretch ceiling was manufactured by Normalu in 1969. The Barrisol brand was created in 1975. Today, the entire collection of Barrisol comprises over 20 unique stretch ceilings systems.

Quiet Interiors UK Barrisol Installers

Quiet Interiors are UK suppliers and installers of the Barrisol Stretch Ceiling Systems.

The Barrisol universe offers endless possibilities, only limited by your imagination. 

Barrisol enables you to obtain unique designs with a combination of vibrant colours and complex shapes. 

During the last 50 years, Barrisol developed many systems of stretch ceilings to create a real universe: the BARRISOL UNIVERSE.

Explore the universe and discover an extensive range of more than 20 Barrisol products

What is a stretch ceiling?

Stretch Ceilings are a lightweight system using a stretched PVC plastic material.  The material keeps its shape using tension.  It is fixed using unique Barrisol® tracks and framework.  The tracks and frame can be made into many unique shapes, with curves, three dimensional and organic features.  Once the Barrisol® material is in place, the complete system gives a beautiful appearance.  Using Barrisol® means the boldest interior designs can be brought to life boldest interior.

Barrisol is available in a large range of colours, shades and finishes.  these include matt, satin, gloss, translucent, metallic, material effect, flocked, printed, decoratively perforated and acoustic finishes.


Acoustic stretch ceilings - the ideal solution for noisy spaces

Barrisol Acoustic’s invisible microperforations provide exceptional acoustic performance without compromising design.

Microperforations of 0.1mm with 500,000 microperforations per square meter are integral to acoustic systems able to provide Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) to 0.95.

Single acoustic ceiling panels can be up to 50 square meters across all Barrisol finishes including gloss, matt and translucent.

Barrisol Lumiere

Light up any shape or form

Barrisol® Lumiere translucent ceilings are ideal to create any type of luminous atmosphere.

Barrisol backlit translucent ceilings and walls can be up to 50 square meters and can be digitally printed.

Quiet Interiors supply and install turn-key LED lighting solutions tested to work with Barrisol to provide perfectly even homogenous light with cavity depths as shallow as 100mm.

Quiet Interiors will work with you at every stage of the process from lighting design and installation to ongoing maintenance.

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