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Recording Studio Builders

Quiet Interiors Recording Studio Design and Build Service

From recording studios to conference rooms and everything in between, we design spaces and solutions that sound great, period. Whether you’re striving for that perfect environment to capture a performance, make the best mix, or just hear someone clearly on the other end of the line, we will make it happen.

Quiet Interiors are specialists in the design, construction and installation of music production and writing studios, recording studios, post-production studios, podcasting studios, Dolby Atmos HE mix studios and garden music studios.

Custom Mixing & Recording Studio
Custom Music Studio

Studio Design & Build


Specialists in creating holistic designs for writing studios, recording studios, podcasting studios, Dolby Atmos HE mix studios, garden studios, and private home cinemas.​ Our design packages integrate all the necessary architectural, acoustic and technical elements to ensure a sonic experience that inspires creativity and unparalleled sonic excellence.

Studio Build

Our dedicated and highly experienced team consists of builders, joiners, mechanical and electrical engineers, automation and LED specialists, stretched fabric wall installers and project managers.

Planning and Regulatory Compliance

Building control and planning permission are crucial for compliance with the regulations and legislation involved in construction projects.​ We manage / advise on the CDM 2015 regulations and issue F10 notices to the HSE, when applicable, creating a safe and lawful construction project.

Project Co-ordination

Project coordination is pivotal for success, involving close collaboration with stakeholders and advisors.We can advise on, and diligently manage the project scope, timeframe, cost, quality, and risk. This ensures the most efficient use of resources, optimizing outcomes and achieving project objectives to the highest standards.

Installation & Commissioning

Our seasoned team of engineers excels in the installation and seamless integration of both modern and vintage recording equipment.  Leveraging our many years of expertise, we design and deliver high quality, flexible and future proofed solutions allowing you to easily harness the full potential of your system now and in the future.

Technical Cabling

We design and install custom cabling solutions for mixing consoles, outboard, bantam patch bays and the interconnection of live and control rooms. Our expertise extends to broader facility infrastructure and modifications to existing systems, ensuring a seamlessly integrated and optimised solution tailored to your specific needs.

LED Lighting Systems

lluminate your studio, cinema or premises with our imaginative custom LED light installations. 

Our skilled team blends creativity and technical expertise to design unique lighting solutions that redefine environments. Our tailored LED installations infuse spaces with vibrant ambiance, delivering a distinctive and innovative visual experience.



Stretched Fabric Walls & Ceilings

Stretched fabric allows for creative designs to walls and ceilings, transforming spaces with unique aesthetics. 

Our system accommodates almost any architectural details and designs and can be installed at any depth, enabling installation of acoustic treatment behind the acoustically transparent fabric for optimal aesthetics and acoustic control.

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Studio Acoustics



Acoustic Testing

Accurate acoustic assessment aids designing spaces with optimal sound quality, minimising unwanted noise, and enhancing overall auditory experiences.​ Our acoustic testing assesses factors such as reverberation time (RT), noise transmission, background noise levels and frequency response.

Acoustic Treatments

Our acoustic panels, diffusers, and bass traps absorb, scatter, or trap sound waves, to effectively control the acoustic performance of spaces by mitigating unwanted noise, echoes, and reverberation. ​

Acoustic treatments can improve the acoustic performance of recording and production studios, rehearsal studios, performance venues, home theatres, offices, restaurants, bars, classrooms and sports facilities. Our acoustic treatments are available in a wide range of fabric and timber finishes.

Site Surveys and Noise Assessments

Appraisals of premises for tenant/landlord lease or purchase negotiations.

Assessing key factors allows us to advise on premises / site suitability, enabling stakeholders to make informed and considered decisions. 

Our reports quantify the issues and provide solutions.

Please contact Quiet Interiors on 01727 648840 or email 

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