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Production Studio builders in London

Quiet Interiors Post Production Studio Design and Build Service

Traditional Screening room design delivered with modern solutions.

Our comprehensive and flexible designs of post production rooms cater for every need. Quiet interiors screening rooms provide a welcoming base for London’s TV and film post production community.

Our studio design, build AV and acoustics team have many years experience in the trade, servicing Recording, Post Production, Broadcast, TV, Education, Live Performance and Home Theatre markets. We work in the private, commercial, and public sectors for composers, to world renowned studios, artists and universities. We have the expertise to guide your project from concept to completion. Our studio design and build services include:

Post production screening room


  • Providing advice concerning the suitability of a Client’s intended premises in spatial, structural and acoustic terms.

  • Measurement and appraisal of ambient noise and vibration levels.

  • Trouble-shooting existing acoustic interiors.


  • Establishing construction methods appropriate for the Client’s brief, the site conditions, and acoustic isolation requirements. These will range from simple acoustically damped rooms, to those with fully ‘floated’ isolation shells and full room acoustic treatment.

  • Providing initial sketch layouts, and preliminary cost estimates.


  • Providing comprehensive Architectural, Interior and Acoustic design, including lighting design and the full integration of technical and air-conditioning services within the acoustic interiors.

  • Specification of acoustic materials and, where appropriate, of proprietary acoustic treatment elements.


Preparing design drawings, including, where required, 3-D visualisation, and fly-through presentations.


Preparing fully detailed production drawings and information, sufficient for the realisation of the project by a suitably skilled construction team, working under specialist supervision.


Processing and obtaining requisite approvals in the following categories:
Town Planning, Listed Buildings, Building Regulations, regulations specific to educational establishments, fire protection and means of escape, Health and Safety (CDM).


Preparation of system performance specifications. System design, and integration of the system with the acoustic and interior designs.


Full construction and Fit-out services by our own teams, including air conditioning and electrical services.

MK Sound

Studio Acoustics

Acoustics are central to the success of any recording studio build, and achieving good acoustic performance requires careful design and meticulous attention to detail. Quiet Interiors approach to studio design combines a thorough understanding of acoustics with an appreciation of the ergonomic and aesthetic factors that make a studio great.

We can assist you with room analysis in order to determine the appropriate acoustic solution, be it a bespoke design or prefabricated ‘off-the-shelf’ acoustic panels. We provide onsite supervision and installation where required, or can simply supply plans in order for you to carry out the work with your own contractor.

  • Acoustic design for isolation and room acoustics

  • Bespoke acoustic solutions

  • Advice, planning, supervision & installation

  • Room analysis and advice on isolation and room acoustic issues.

  • Studio monitor alignment

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