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Acoustic Wall Covering
Artolis Stretch wall system

Artolis fabric Walls 

Quiet Interiors are UK Installers of the Artolis fabric range

To meet interior design requirements, Artolis® offers a set of technical solutions in a large width (up to 5 m: without welds or sewing). Artolis® coverings are shock and impact resistant but are also perfecly adaptable for wall applications.

Artolis® can be installed in an ambient temperature and respects all applicable standards. Thanks to HD digital printing technologies, your walls and ceil- ings can be printed with your own pictures (minimal quality 300 dpi, 1/10th from the final format). They can be also printed thanks to the Barrisol® Editions, the largest pictures collection available.

Artolis® offers a clean, easy and fast installation which can be installed in a few hours in ambient room temperature without debris or dust. Technical elements (such as switches or electric outlets) can be perfectly integrated within the Artolis® system.

Artolis Mona Lisa Fabric wall
Artolis Feature wall

Acoustic Fabrics - the ideal solution for all noisy rooms

Acoustic stretch fabrics were designed with one goal in mind: to absorb sound and to reduce the reverberations it causes. The combination of the cover and the absorbent material used helps reduce the reverberation rate by 6 seconds - the sort of acoustic performance that speaks for itself.

Quiet Interiors fabrics are installed in restaurants, airports, cinemas, businesses, shops and hotels. Yet their technical characteristics mean they can also be adapted for use in private spaces such as flats and houses. No matter where you want to install them, you are guaranteed excellent acoustic performance with our acoustic fabric systems.

Feature Walls and Ceilings

If you feel like your décor could do with a refresh, a printed stretch wall is ideal! You can print almost anything you want on our fabrics! Simply forward us all the necessary information and we’ll do the rest.

Quiet Interiors dedicated service to printed stretch wall and ceiling coverings. Our printed stretch designs for ceilings and walls give you the opportunity to get really creative.

Our service can help you to visualize your project by mapping the room, adapting the image depending on the surface, modifying colours and refining your design.

Printing on a stretch ceiling or wall is for everyone: craftsmen, stand makers, architects, designers and home owners alike. Our fabric is so versatile it can be used for stands, advertising, free standing frames or for furnishing spaces with canvasses, light boxes or acoustic screens. Let us bring your ideas to life!


Fabric wall System

Artolis installs
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