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TV Media Walls

Bring the Cinema to your Living room

Quiet Interiors process always centres around you, the customer. Whether it's creating a fully immersive cinema space or a bespoke storage unit, we want your media wall to be as individual as you are, and suit your exact requirements. We want your experience with us to be a memorable and enjoyable one​

From our showroom, via our workshop to your home, you’ll discover that details matter to us, that form and function work in unison – from personalised cut out storage to detailed control lighting designs. You’ll see that whether it’s first designs or finishing touches, every step is carefully managed and passionately focused on bringing your vision to life exactly as you want it.

What is a media wall?

Media walls from Quiet Interiors are constructed from various materials. They can be all shapes and sizes but the principle of a media wall is the same throughout. A media wall is a false wall or chimney that is constructed within a room to house your AV equipment such as a TV screen and in wall speakers. 

These walls are great focal points within a room and can really stand out with some excellent design choices such as fabric panelling, lighting and wood panelling.

TV Wall
Steinway and Sons Model B speaker

Hide the Speakers 

Audio is an essential component in the home media experience, but audio equipment is often large and bulky. When you've invested in your room's décor, this can completely ruin your aesthetic. How do you get great audio while maintaining your style? often the case that having speakers on show isn't to everyones taste. Quiet Interiors therefore supply audio systems that can be hidden behind special fabrics that look very similar to a painted wall. .

Audio fabric is a fantastic way to hide your speakers without compromising on sound quality. You can conceal speakers in custom made cabinets that are covered by audio fabric or cover the entire wall.

What Does a Media Wall Cost?

Quiet Interiors supply free no obligation quotations. Without knowing your specific needs its difficult to give a guide price. For a wall 4m wide and 2.4m high expect the build to cost approximately £1300+vat up to plastering. The decoration then ranges from painting to a fabric wall finish. A Fabric wall Finish would cost around £500-£800+vat. Then comes the TVs and Audio. We supply audio systems from £2000+vat. If you already have. a set up were happy to install this within your wall

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Media Wall
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