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Acoustic Fabric Wall Covering Fabric 

Home Cinema Fabric Walling by Quiet Interiors

Quick installation, clean, no dust, without nuisance or smells/odours

Quiet Interiors specialise in stretched fabric wall covering. Over the years we have worked for many world renowned recording studios and artists and many prestigious clients in the home cinema industry. We have carried out a large variety of projects.

Our stretch systems are site-fabricated stretched fabric acoustic wall panels that not only look fantastic, but they provide amazing sound absorption too. The system is made up of three components: track, acoustic backing and fabric. The sound absorbing backing allows up to 90% sound absorption while the fabric surface provides a beautiful finish. With hundreds of fabrics to choose from Quiet interiors stretch systems can suit any interior. Patterns and custom fabrics can also be used. Installations do not require exact site measuring, which eliminates delays waiting for prefabricated acoustic panel products. 

Our unique tracking system allows the fabric to be stretched and tucked into place. The versatile tracking system allows us to fit fabric around any architectural detail and follow any desired design. Our system can be fitted at any depth, allowing acoustic treatment to be placed behind the acoustically transparent fabric. 

Although our system is very good for acoustic purposes, it also provides a very aesthetically pleasing finish so can be used solely for this purpose in residential or commercial properties.

Home Cinema Radlett

Home Cinema Acoustic Fabric Walls

Home cinemas are very rapidly becoming the must have addition to any home. With the continual progression of technology and equipment it is even more important than ever to acoustically treat the walls. By doing so you can create the perfect listening environment and get the most out of your systems. 

As our tracking system is very versatile it allows us to follow any idea or design the client may have. We can fit fabric in different shapes, sizes, with curved lines, straight lines etc. The possibilities are endless.

Another service that we offer is the ability to print any image onto fabric, which can then be fitted to the walls or ceilings. This is a very popular choice in many home cinemas. 

Clients can choose from a wide selection of colours and textures.

Our range of fabrics can be seen at our hertfordshire showroom

Fabric Acoustic Walls - the solution for home cinema rooms with echo

Acoustic stretch fabrics were designed with one goal in mind: to absorb sound and to reduce the reverberations it causes. The combination of the cover and the absorbent material used helps reduce the reverberation rate by 6 seconds - the sort of acoustic performance that speaks for itself.

This is why Quiet Interiors fabrics are so highly thought of in Home cinemas, recording studios,Meeting rooms and hotels. Yet their technical characteristics mean they can also be adapted for use in private spaces such as flats and houses. No matter where you want to install them, you are guaranteed excellent acoustic performance with our acoustic fabric systems.

With our solutions, noise pollution will be a thing of the past, allowing you to make the most of your interior spaces. 

Home Cinema Acoustic Treatment

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