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Starlight Ceilings

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Cinema Star Light Ceilings

Quiet Interiors starlight ceilings are a combination of fibre optics lights and Stretch Fabric panels. Our Starlight ceilings shimmer and flicker in different colours and create the appearance of a night starry sky. Our Ceilings are fully bespoke to each project. We can supply them in any colour and they are seamless up to 5 metres wide. We can supply them with Acoustic fabrics so Dolby Atmos speakers can be hidden.

Quiet interiors offer an innovative system where you can design your unique lighting experience. Using the latest light emitting diode or LED lighting technology we offer a bespoke, but economical, interior lighting solution. LED lights are embedded in our fabric and can be positioned on ceilings or walls.

Star light ceiling cinema
Starlight Ceiling

Acoustic Starlight Ceilings

Quiet Interiors fibre optic star ceilings offer a spectacular realistic star sky effect for your setting with the relaxing starry night above. Our Star Light ceilings can be acoustic too, so they improve the sound quality of your room by taming room reverberations


Multi coloured Starlight Ceilings

We're excited to announce the addition of RGBW LED technology to our star ceilings. In addition to the natural white stars, you can now have multi-coloured stars with our Bluetooth controller. Set the stars to a specific colour, to fade from colour to colour and adjust the speed and intensity of the fade. 

Cinema Showroom

Star Light Coffer Ceilings

One great framing idea is using a lowered coffer around the Star ceiling area to look like a framed skylight with the night sky in a window above. Our most popular effect is to surround the Star ceiling area with a coffer or cove, with accent lighting facing up and into the panel area to create the illusion of a cloud horizon effect . For a sunrise and sunset effect, we recommend dimming the red or blue colors up and down. See the photo above for an example. 

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