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Image by Zach Reiner

Acoustic Moss Wall

Quiet Moss Sound Dampening Wall Panels

So what’s the deal with moss wall panels, is it living or is it dead? Well actually, it’s neither of these. The moss is harvested and then preserved, which puts it in a dormant state. And it’s this state that makes it maintenance free, so no watering or tending to. Clever eh?


This preserved moss has an impressive list of credentials. Not only does it look fabulous, it is also an excellent sound insulator and air humidifier. Bringing greenery into a home has also been shown to improve general wellbeing, counterbalancing the technology we’re surrounded by. Think of this moss wall as an alternative to going for a long peaceful walk in nature.

Moss Wall feature installation
Moss soundproof Wall
Moss Wall
Moss Wall feature

Acoustic Moss Wall

Bring nature into your home while achieving beauty, serenity and calm! Our acoustic moss walls are inspired by nature, giving your home or office a modern, nature-themed look.

Acoustic Moss Walls - Endless Possibilities

Our Quiet Moss walls are available in various shapes, from simple shapes to create amazing artworks to complete moss coverings that beautify your space. You can also select various designs and hues of your choice to complement your existing internal decor. Acoustic moss walls offer nature’s beauty and sound-absorbing qualities without costing as much as traditional soundproofing materials. They are suitable for:

  • Homes

  • Recording studios

  • Training facilities 

  • Reception area

  • Conference rooms

  • And many more

The Quiet Moss Advantage

Safe for the Environment

Made with 100% natural moss, our acoustic moss walls are eco-friendly and preserved with natural oils & food coloring pigment. So they are safe for you and the environment!

Requires No Maintenance

Acoustic moss walls are very convenient to use, requiring no pruning, watering, sunlight, giving you the same, natural look for years to come.

Noise Absorption

Acoustic moss walls help reduce noise for reduced stress and better comfort for less the price of traditional soundproofing materials.

Dual Function

Acoustic moss walls are perfect for incorporating nature and calm, offering long-lasting calm and happiness. Moss also purifies the air.

Bring Home Nature & Quiet

At Quiet Interiors, we’ll work with you to understand your project, design your space and provide you with the calm and serene environment you need. Bring home the natural sound-dampening moss wall today!

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