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Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Ceilings from Quiet Interiors

Quiet Interiors stretch ceilings are a modern, cost-effective finishing for every type of interior. They will work great both for residential rooms as well as public service facilities. The innovative technology makes it possible to give every interior a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Unlike traditional plastered ceilings, they allow for a complete freedom of design not only when it comes to the choice of colour or texture, but also the performance of the ceiling. Quiet Interiors stretch ceilings can be acoustic, back lit, star light and printed.
The innovative system of installation means that, on top of the aesthetic values, they can also serve a protective function (in case of flooding, for example). The low price combined with the wide array of interior design possibilities are the reasons why Quiet interiors stretch ceilings are chosen by a growing number of designers, architects and contractors as a great finishing for every interior. This applies both to new and renovated buildings alike.

Stretch Ceiling options

Acoustic Stretch Ceilings

The acoustic stretch ceiling is designed for one purpose: to absorb sound and reduce the reverberation. The combination of the coating and the absorber can ensure that the space has a reduced reverb time. The resulting acoustic comfort speaks for itself.


That is why Quiet Interiors acoustic stretch ceilings are so popular in restaurants, airports, cinemas, offices, shops and hotels. The technical characteristics also adapt to private spaces such as apartments and houses. Whatever the installation location, our acoustic stretch ceiling ensures the best possible sound within the space.

Acoustic material stretch ceiling
Printed acoustic ceiling

Printed Stretch Ceilings

Quiet Interiors can provide the next generation of full colour digital printed imagery directly onto the Fabric. When applied to our Translucent light diffuser materials, you gain an extremely effective illuminated image with various White or Colour change LED options, making your printed panel impressive and eye catching possible.

Anything from a full colour image to a very simple branding design can be printed onto any one of the colours and finishes, however, the Matt White finish is often the preferred choice as the fabric provides a clean blank canvas for your art. Alternatively, the Translucent finish allows for the addition of a clean white or colour variant illumination to complement the printed image.

State of the art large format equipment provides high resolution imagery utilising UV Inkjet processes to achieve a stunning and vibrant quality effect with fast production times using artwork of 50 to 500MB.

Back lit stretch ceiling
Back lit image wall
Back lit acoustic panels

Back Lit Stretch Ceilings

Quiet Interiors stretch ceiling System provides an opportunity to create large ceiling lighting panels. The stretch fabric diffuser material gives the freedom to bring the natural light effect into a space. You can also create an amazing acoustics lighting system. Our in house interior team can assist with the different possibilities.

The Stretch material offers an amazing opportunity to create evenly and soft illuminated large ceiling lighting and form circles, panels  and other 3D shapes and many more .

stretch ceiling lighting
Stretch Ceiling lighting