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BASWA phon acoustic installation hertfordshire

Double layer systems are used if the surface quality has to meet the highest standards. These requirements may pertain to how fine the surface structure is (BASWA Phon Classic Top – with BASWA Top 0.3 mm as the top coat), or they may be the result of other prerequisites  (vaulted or double vaulted surfaces, surfaces with strong light exposure).


Double layer systems require the placement of a first base coat BASWA Base on the glued acoustic panels, upon which a top coat (coating masses BASWA Base, Fine or Top) is subsequently applied.

System profile


  • Double layer systems

  • Granule size in the base coat 0.7 mm

  • Granule size in the top coat 0.7 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.3 mm

  • Finest surface structure (BASWA Classic Top)

  • Suitable for surfaces exposed to a lot of light or vaulted surfaces

  • Standard color ~ NCS S 0500-N

  • Comprehensive color selection (BASWA Colors, NCS, RAL, etc.)

  • Maximum surface quality <Q3>

  • Fire prevention class A2; S1-d0

BASWA Phon Classic

BASWA phon classic installation hertfordshire
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