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BASWA Acoustic installation Bedfordshire


BASWA Cool Acoustic Plaster System

The active BASWA Cool system uses an embedded capillary pipe system to provide thermal comfort. It can be installed directly in concrete ceilings or lowered systems.


Large space water transporting capillary pipe mats are installed close to the surface. While they require only a minimum amount of space and energy, they provide draft free and noiseless room temperature control paired with outstanding sound absorption. Thanks to the small amount of acoustic rendering coverings and the surface proximate installation as well as the good heat conductivity of the mineral-based acoustic stucco, the system delivers outstanding heating and cooling effects.



  • Excellent broadband sound absorption

  • Cooling results at Δ8K; 79W / m2 (according to DIN EN 14240:2004 - 04)

  • Heating results at Δ15K; 117W / m2 (according to DIN EN 14037- 02)

  • Minimal installation height

  • Smooth, groove free surface

  • Top coat Base, Fine or Top

  • Standard color ~ NCS S 0500-N

  • Comprehensive color selection (BASWA Colors, NCS, RAL, etc.)

  • Construction material class B-s1-d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1

BASWA Cool installers near London
BASWA Cool Mock up

Quiet Interiors are installers of the BASWA Cool system Acoustic plaster system

The BASWAphon COOL multi-layer system is a system solution in cooperation with BASWA acoustic. BASWAphon acoustic panels are fastened underneath a concrete ceiling or a suspended gypsum board ceiling with appropriate adhesive. Clina capillary tube mats are fixed to these BASWAphon acoustic panels, tightened and then plastered with a few millimetres of a special mineral acoustic plaster. On the visible side, there is a jointless acoustic plaster ceiling for the dissipation or supply of sensitive heat loads. The water circulates noiselessly in the capillary tube mats and regulates the room temperature largely by radiation, partly by convection.

BASWAphon acoustic panel
The BASWAphon acoustic panels are available in 2 different thicknesses (46, 66 mm). This results in the total thickness of the BASWAphon Cool multi-layer system of 55 or 75 mm.

Length & Width
The capillary tube mats are custom-made in length and width for each project. On the construction site the mat distributor pipes are connected to each other by heating element socket welding.

This is a secure, non-detachable connection.


Hydraulic connection
Mat distributor pipes and supply lines are installed or accommodated on the raw ceiling within the BASWAphon Cool multi-layer system, and in the case of a suspended gypsum board ceiling, also in the ceiling void. The capillary tube mats welded together to form a hydraulic circuit are connected to the supply and return lines.

Of course, the ceiling void can also be used for further installations.

Clina capillary tube mats are fixed tightly to the BASWAphon acoustic panel and embedded in the acoustic plaster.

The capillary tube mats can be installed by experienced installation companies.

BASWAphon Cool panels can only be processed by companies which have been trained by BASWA acoustic AG and hold a BASWAphon Cool certificate.


Lamps & Ventilation
Larger openings must be considered in the planning phase. Up to approx. 100 mm, openings can also be realised during the construction phase by simply pulling the capillary tubes apart. 


Mineral BASWAphon acoustic plaster in a multi-layer finish is used.


The system can be regulated room-by-room.


Fields of application
Suitable for the modern interior design of rooms with special acoustic requirements, such as office buildings or public buildings, whether new construction or renovation.

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