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Fabricmate UK
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Fabricmate Fabric wall system

Quiet Interiors Full-Wall Systems are focused on bringing two main things to the table:

Functionality and Aesthetics 

We offer Panels and Full-Wall Systems that can help reduce echoes and reverberated noise as well as be personalized in size and shape (including curved designs) and can also incorporate custom printed graphics. 

Acoustic benefits are only the beginning. Our systems also inherently help protect your walls, can be tackable, and offer thermal benefits. All Panels and Full-Wall Systems are non-toxic, safe to handle, lightweight, easy to install, and the fabric covering can be replaced if a design change is desired. 

cinema fabric walls

How does a fabric wall system work

1 - Fabric Frame/Track

The Frame - occasionally called track or trim - outlines and frames the shape of the panel, holding the Fabric in place and protecting the edges with high-impact plastic. 

2 - Acoustic backing


The Acoustic Backing fills in the Frame and covers the wall, absorbing reverberated sound and providing impact resistance, thermal insulation, and a pinnable bulletin-board-like surface perfect for tacking things up.

3 - Fabric


The Fabric is stretched over the Backing and held taut by the Frame. this allows the panel surface to spring back when struck, effectively mitigating visible damage. 

Fabric Track
Acoustic Backing
Fabric Install

Where can Fabric wall systems go?

Residential Fabric Walls

Bring texture, color, and functionality to your living spaces. Whether it’s a home office, basement, bedroom, theater, or other space, our panels and full-wall systems can help absorb reverberated sounds, protect your walls, and be customized to create the ultimate panel or full-wall installation.

Cinema Fabric Walls



Fabric wall installations can make the difference between the success and failure of your home cinema, media room, or surround sound system. Every room has acoustical problems, and every space has unwanted noise, which can be handled with sound absorbing material. Your room may also be too “live” – too much sound reflecting off of walls and messing up the sound. Fifty-thousand pounds worth of home cinema equipment cannot overcome poor acoustics.

Education Acoustic Fabric Walls



Education environments can benefit from our customizable panels and full-wall systems in a number of ways. Protect the walls, absorb reverberated sounds, save on maintenance, and supply a tackable surface that can be used to tack up documents, posters, and more. Customizable in size, shape, thickness, and more!

Office Acoustic Fabric Walls


Save on maintenance, protect your walls, add tackable functionality, and improve acoustics, all with one system that can be customized in size and style. Offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and more can all benefit from The Ultimate Wall Finishing Solution.

Camira acoustic Panels

Quiet Interiors Camira Fabric Wall System

Fabric Wall System

Quiet Interiors Wall Finishing System is a high-performance, stretched fabric system unlike any you've seen before. Unlike traditional wrapped panels, with our VOC-free site-fabricated system there is no need to site measure and no long lead times.


Our Frame System is self-scribing; easily adjusting to on-site conditions. Another advantage of our Frame is that it permits the selected covering to be easily inserted into tight fitting jaws which hold the Fabric taut, allowing the Fabric to "float" above the surface of the panel. This eliminates almost all of the visible surface damage that invariably occurs in pre-wrapped panels. Moreover the Fabric can be changed should it become damaged, soiled, or if a design change is desired.

Fabric Wall Track_edited.jpg

Fabric Wall tracks

Please feel free to visit our St Albans fabric wall showroom. We have a range of fabric wall solutions on display and samples that can be taken away. Our team are on hand discuss your project

Fabric Wall Track_edited.jpg
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