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Home Cinema Fabric Walls

You've invested in a home cinema, but it sounds and feels nothing like what you envisioned. The truth is, it is impossible to have a great home cinema without excellent acoustic treatments. Home cinema spaces with overt booms and echoes will only result in poor, unsatisfactory cinema experiences.

Echoes, in particular, can be almost maddening. Overt booms are much more than just uncomfortable- they are dangerous for your ears. Luckily for you, our acoustic treatments exist to reduce these unsavoury effects immediately. 

With our expertise and proficiency in acoustics planning and high-quality home cinema fabric walls, movie time can be enjoyable and relaxing for you, friends, and family!

The Real Cinema Experience Right in Your Home

Ever wondered how cinema halls can withhold so much sound without having it filter deafeningly outside? The answer is special panels called fabric walls. Fabric walls have unique sound-absorbing properties that help reduce echo and reverberation in space and background noise.

At Quiet Interiors, we are dedicated to bringing the real cinema experience into your home. With our home cinema fabric walls, we can transform your home cinema into something closely mirroring the real thing.

Home Cinema Fabric Walls for a Great Cinema Experience

We facilitate the installation of special fabric panels that use a variety of sound-absorbing materials. Just as well, we have several sound-transparent fabrics with a wide variety of textures and patterns.

We have acquired great experience and tastes over the years in projects involving top recording studios. In addition, we proudly list some of the biggest names in the industry among our veritable list of clientele.

We offer site-crafted acoustic treatment in the form of fabric walls. Our expert team blends aesthetics and functionality to give you a serene, functional indoor cinema with all the perks unique to a real, commercial cinema.

You can install our fabric wall systems on ceiling surfaces or walls. In addition, our systems are assembled on-site, i.e., in your home cinema. This way, we allow fittings, fixtures, intricate details, and complete flexibility.

Our sound doctors ensure that after your home cinema fabric walls installation, you're satisfied with the results. With Quiet Interiors, it's goodbye to poor audio quality, reverberations, and echoes!

Home Cinema Fabric Walls Properties

The fabrics we use are often made from cotton, silk, wool, and polyester and are easy to clean. Some of the weaves have liner fabrics.

Our unique sound-absorbing home cinema fabric walls guarantee as much as 95% sound absorption. In addition, they possess excellent fire-resistant properties and rank high on fire-resistance indexes. 

Finally, the fabrics are mildew and mold resistant, which is important, especially when your home cinema is located in the basement of your home.

Let the Transformation to Great Home Cinema Experience Begin

Our excellent fabric walls will help to transform your home cinema walls into functional yet artistic surfaces. Their special acoustic properties will aid in sound transmission and noise reduction while withstanding heavy impact in areas susceptible to wear. Contact us for an estimate today and enjoy a home cinema experience like never before!

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