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Acoustical Plaster in London

Acoustic Plaster products

Acoustic Plasters are the solution for noisy rooms

Pleasant acoustics with a smooth finish. Acoustic plasters improve the acoustics in any room. This unique product has been developed with wellbeing in mind and is only offered by Quiet Interiors. Quiet Interiors plaster is completely seamless and can be applied directly to the architectural substrate or on a lowered construction. The plasterwork consists of acoustic board material that is seamlessly finished with an acoustic transparent plaster layer. This breaks down sound energy and creates a pleasant acoustic climate.

Quiet Interiors acoustic plaster is available in four different thicknesses: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 70mm with a smooth finish in a colour of your choice. The colours gold and silver have been added recently.

The Advantage of Acoustic Plasters

The Quiet Interiors Acoustic  plaster is used to create an acoustic sound absorbing ceiling. the Acoustical Plasterwork:

  • Improves acoustics and thus speech intelligibility.

  • Is suitable for a wide variety of substrates, such as walls and ceilings in many conceivable forms.

  • Increases productivity and ensures a pleasant working and living environment.

  • Is developed for efficiency and can, therefore, quickly and effortlessly be applied.

  • Saves up to 10% on energy costs

They are the perfect Acoustic solution for new buildings and renovations

Quiet Interiors Acoustic systems are regularly applied to new constructions and renovation projects, as well as to existing situations. Together with architects and clients we look at how to optimally improve the acoustics.

The Cost of Quiet Interiors Acoustic Plasters

Improving the acoustics in public buildings, office buildings and houses is custom-made. For this reason, the costs differ from one situation to the next. We look at the size of the room, the type of ceiling, the height of the ceiling and any personal wishes. For more information about our prices, please contact us or request a free quote and sample. feel free to visit our acoustic plaster showroom in St Albans for a first hand look 

The Quiet Interiors acoustic plaster has a smooth finish and is applied in four different thicknesses. With a layer of just 40mm you can achieve an αw = 0.95.

  • The base of the plaster consists of a mineral wool sheet. The board material is finished with a smooth acoustic plaster layer in a single phase

  • The plaster is a mineral plaster

  • The product is fully bonded, therefore a total construction of 35mm should be taken into account

  • Optimises the lifespan and fire safety of rooms

  • Measured in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 354:2003 standard

  • VOC emission ISO 11890-2:2013-VOC

  • Antimicrobial activity ASTM G21-15

  • Fungal resistance BS1982 part 0-3:1982

  • Fire resistance BS476 Part 7, Class 1

Acoustic Plaster Installers

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