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How to Soundproof Metal Buildings

Many people build their residential and commercial structures with metal, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and durability.

However, metal buildings often have thin and hard surfaces that allow sound to travel through them, causing reverberation and echoes. If you have a metal structure, the chances are you’ve gotten noise complaints from people in and around the building.

Not to worry, though. There are ways to navigate this inconvenience. Read on:

Insulate walls with fiberglass and foam

Foam and fiberglass are excellent options for soundproofing and preventing noise from escaping into or outside your metal structure. Additionally, it helps maintain a well-balanced temperature within, meaning you’ll spend less on powering an HVAC system.

Rigid panels are one of the most efficient forms of metal building insulation. The panels are usually made of fiberglass, foam, or similar materials. Additionally, they double as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Use acoustic foam tiles

Acoustic foams are great for sound absorption as well as sound enhancement. They’re great for reducing noise pollution and eliminating background noise.

They’re efficient for all kinds of building structures, including metal ones. However, when installing them, you should ensure to seal all gaps completely to get the 100% soundproof effect.

Seal the windows and doors

The biggest culprit for soundwave escape within metal buildings is tiny gaps around the door and wall frames. You can resolve this by installing special door sweeps and seals. With windows, acoustical sound sealants will do the trick.

Use acoustic quilts

Acoustic quilts are some of the most efficient soundproofing materials you can use with metal buildings. They’re also quite versatile, as they can be hung anywhere within the structure.

The fabrics are heavy and add mass to the setting, thus hampering the free flow of sound waves through the thin metal walls. You can also hang them over doorways and windows for better soundproofing efficiency.

Soundproof with acoustic panels

Another effective way to soundproof your metal building is using acoustic panels. Echo and reverberation problems are particularly common with metal buildings because of the smooth, flat, and hard surface. You can assess your building to determine the problem areas and then install the acoustic panels.

Enhance the metal building experience with soundproofing from Quiet Interiors

At Quiet Interiors, we have plenty of acoustic and soundproofing options for you to choose from, ranging from ceiling and wall panels to acoustic wood and stretch fabrics. Whether you own or manage offices, apartments, studio, schools, restaurants, community halls, and so on, our range of cost-effective acoustic solutions can be custom-designed for your unique environment.

Contact us today to explore our products. Our soundproofing experts are also available to provide guidance and advice on your project.



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