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Recording Studio Building and Soundproofing with Fabric Walls

Great sounds are products of hard work, consistency, talent ...... and a great recording studio.

We understand this, drawing on our expertise and years of experience to build you a top-of-the-line recording studio that takes production quality to the highest level.

At Quiet Interiors, we are expert recording studio builders, from appraisal to construction and fit-out.

Our recording studio design, build and acoustics team has years of experience and has completed projects for composers and world-class studios.

As acoustics treatment specialists, we understand the pain points of producers, giving us an edge over other recording studio builders.

Recording Studio Built for Pure Sound

When building a recording studio, only a space that delivers optimal acoustics is acceptable; no compromises.

We offer a full band of services, including premises appraisal and noise survey, feasibility studies, acoustic design, drawings and presentations, air conditioning design, and construction, while ensuring the building meets statutory regulations.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or retrofitting an existing studio, we’ll design and build you a recording space that surpasses your expectations.

Soundproofing Your Recording Studio with Fabric Walls

Voice artists, musicians, and singers work for several months or even a few years to perfect their albums.

When they use your recording studio, they don’t want noise from traffic, the computer, or the air conditioner in the next room ruining their recording.

They expect a soundproofed space that brings out their best. If your recording studio is noisy, it won’t matter if you have the latest and most expensive recording gear.

The end goal of a recording studio is to block out outdoor noise, control background noise, and produce premium sound quality for recording.

This can be achieved using fabric walls. And at Quiet Interiors, we can help maximize sound quality in your space, allowing you to redefine your acoustic experience.

Recording Studio Fabric Walls By Quiet Interiors

We bring our experience in acoustic enhancement and noise control to deliver a studio with perfect sound recording capabilities.

Our fabric wall system is tested and trusted by giants in the industry, including Metropolis Studios and Leavesden Film Studios. Features of our fabric walls include:

  • Up to 90% sound absorption

  • Various colours, patterns and custom fabrics are available

  • Exact site measurement is not required, eliminating delays

  • Unique tracking system for fabric stretching and tucking into place

  • Suitable for any architectural design

  • Beautiful finish

Our experienced team of drywallers, electricians, fabric designers and installers have honed their skills over the years, enabling us to create your perfect sound environment.

A fabric wall system can cover a whole area and reduce noise in recording studios without sacrificing aesthetics, giving your studio a calm, beautiful finish. Get a quote today.



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