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Reducing the Noise in Your Office

Amidst the buzz and hum of a bustling office, peace and quiet can seem like a distant dream. Whether it’s the chatter from colleagues, clattering of keyboards, phones ringing, outside traffic, or machines whirring, the constant barrage of sound can make concentration difficult to achieve. The modern-day open office model isn’t helping matters either. Not to worry, here are some effective methods of reducing noise in your office:

Install acoustic wall panels

Acoustic panels absorb sound and can help reduce noise in your office. They work by trapping and absorbing sound waves, which reduces echoes and minimizes the amount of noise that bounces around the room. Quiet Interiors have a full assortment of colors that can match any color scheme, creating a seamless finish and a quieter and more focused workspace.

Feature BASWA systems

You can install high-performance acoustic systems with minimal build-up from BASWA acoustics on the ceilings and walls to absorb sound waves bouncing around your office.

Aside from drastically improving the acoustics of your office space, there are also thermal options that can replace your heating and cooling systems while integrating seamlessly into your existing design. The result is a comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, and super-quiet office that enhances employee wellbeing, satisfaction, and productivity.

Go quiet and sustainable with Wood Be Quiet

Love the idea of an efficient sound-absorbing technology that offers the look and warmth of wood? You want to go for Wood Be Quiet solutions. They are acoustic planks that help to absorb sound and reduce echoes through air gaps on the surface of each material.

Wood Be Quiet planks are available in various wood grains that can match the existing decor of your office. 100% recyclable, they create a more peaceful and focused work environment while helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Use stretch fabrics

Another way to reduce office noise is the use of stretch fabrics. Thanks to their high sound-absorbing properties, stretch fabrics embrace sound rather than reflect it, making your office space very quiet. One upside to stretch fabrics is the ability to conform to the shape of your office, creating a beautiful appearance and an acoustically-friendly environment.

As a leading expert in office acoustic products, we are committed to partnering with you to improve your workspace. Our experts are available to customize and integrate a solution that reduces office noise and enhances productivity. Schedule a consultation today.



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