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Ceiling Soundproofing

Are you a home owner who needs ceiling soundproofing? Do you want to live in an environment that is free from the sound of footsteps above you – the sound of neighbours dropping the remote in the apartment above, or the sound of a baby crying? If so, we can help.

Soundproof Ceiling Installation


Here is a selection of some of the more popular soundproof ceiling systems we install. However we believe no one case of noise pollution is ever the same. Therefore we provide bespoke systems specifically designed to suit your needs.


ISO-Mount 1 Ceiling System ceiling height loss 12mm

ISO-Mount Soundproof Ceiling System

The ISO-Mount is a new space saving, isolating mount for sound proof ceilings.It achieves all objectives fundamental to the success of sound proof ceilings in domestic situations.

The installation is rigid yet isolated: sometimes referred to as a ‘floating sound proof ceiling’

The minimum of ceiling height is lost isas little as 12mm

The installation achieves (better than), compliance with British building regulations Approved Document E for airborne and impact sound.

ISO-Mount 2 Ceiling System ceiling height loss 50mm plus

Oscar Iso-Mount Type 2 with GL1 A6.jpg

The Iso-Mount Type2 significantly expands the versatility of our Oscar Iso-Mount range of isolating acoustic hangers for soundproofing ceilings.

The Iso-Mount Type2 can fix under existing ceilings without disruption, directly or with extensions for 50mm to over 1 metre voids for acoustic/thermal insulation and services.

Screw direct to concrete using just 1 concrete screw per hanger OR
into plasterboard using 1 screw fixing into the timber joist per hanger

Suspended Acoustic Ceiling System 120mm plus Height loss

Suspended Ceiling Soundproof System

Our suspeneded system is the most popular and best value performing system for airborne and impact noise reduction. 

We construct a metal frame fixed at only a few points on the existing ceiling. The void can accomodate either 100mm or 50mm acoustic insulation. It is then lined with 2 layers of Soundbloc wih green glue sandwiched between.

Independent Ceiling System Height loss of 150mm plus

Independent Soundproof Ceiling System

Our independent Ceiling is our best performing system.  

We construct a timber frame completely detached from the current ceiling. With a minimum of 25mm space / gap between the frame and current ceiling. The void is then filled with 100mm Acoustic insulation. The ceilingl is then lined with 2 layers of Soundbloc with green glue sandwiched between each layer.

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