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Soundproofing Floor Solutions

Floor soundproofing in both domestic and commercial properties is very popular for the simple fact that people like privacy in their lives. If you work or live above a slightly noisy neighbour you will know that this noise can become a very testing part of life.

Soundproof Floors


Here is a selection of some of the more popular acoustic treatment systems we install. However, our soundproofing installers believe that no one case of noise pollution is ever the same. From the size of the wood floor soundproofing to the level of noise insulation needed for your business, home, or flat, there are countless things that need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, we provide bespoke systems specifically designed to suit your needs to ensure there is proper sound insulation between floors.


QuietMat Floor Underlay System

 The Quietmat floor system is a premium floor soundproofing product that features strong performance against both airborne and impact noise. It is available for install on for both timber and concrete structures, and it is both slim and straightforward to install. To achieve the best possible solution for soundproofing, you will need to incorporate them into 'Systems'. Each offers ways of increasing acoustic performance, for example, by fitting them alongside acoustic cradles to create a fully floating floor, by adding them to joist structures alongside sound insulation for a vast improvement for airborne and impact noise or use in concrete buildings as a standalone for impact reduction. Contact us today to learn more about this acoustic underlayment for hardwood floors, tile floors, carpeted floors, and other types of flooring!


QuietMat Floor Underlay System


Quiet Cradle 16/30mm is our dual-height acoustic cradle system that offers a soundproof floating floor system that isolates away from concrete and timber floors, effective for the reduction of both impact and airborne sound. QuietCradle also allows you to produce a flat floor without the use of screed. Screed layers can often be an impractical form of underfloor soundproofing due to the long lead times, the use of sizeable machinery, and the cure times. Our QuietCradle Packers come in a range of sizes to help in fine-tuning any unevenness in the concrete floor.


Independent Floor System 

Our Diamond independent Floor is our Best performing system. We construct a Timber frame completely detached from the current floor. With a minimum of 25mm space / gap between the ceiling below. The void is then filled with 100mm Acoustic insulation. The Floor is then lined with 1 layer of Acoustic plank then the Floor deck laid over with green glue sandwiched between.

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