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Tecsound Soundproofing

Tecsound Insulation

Tecsound for Noise Reduction

Tecsound is a polymer-based, bitumen-free, high-density synthetic membrane form of noise insulation for walls. The combination of its viscoelasticity and its high density offers good sound- insulation in different construction elements without increasing thickness. The upper face is finished with a non-woven polypropene reinforcement fleece which offers also protection. The lower face is finished with a polyethene film. Contact our soundproofing installers to learn more about Tecsound 35, Tecsound 50, Tecsound 70, Tecsound 100, and our other Tecsound products!

Tecsound Advantages

  • High sound insulation when combined with light and rigid elements such as gypsum boards.

  • High sound damping capacity on metal surfaces.

  • Good reaction-to fire classification.

  • Flexible and adaptable to uneven surfaces.

  • Good behaviour at low temperatures, without breaking or cracking.

  • Easy to handle and cut.

  • May act as a vapor control layer.

  • Negligible water absorption.

  • Ageing resistance.

  • Rot proof.

Tecsound Ceiling

Tecsound Installation

Tecsound is mainly applied between two acoustic plasterboard panels in lightweight walls (partition walls, retention walls, etc) and ceilings.
The acoustic membrane is mechanically fastened to the first plasterboard to which the second plasterboard is attached. The membrane can also be glued.

To prevent thickening, the membrane is placed without overlap (only butt joint).
Care must be taken to ensure that the seams fit tightly and that there are no openings.

Tecsound can also be used in lightweight roofs. Install the membrane with the fleece finish on top and an overlap of at least 50 mm. In the case of profiled steel deck, the membrane must be placed transversely to the profile. Make sure that there are no openings as these will have a negative effect on the noise reduction capacity.

Tecsound Soundproofing Specialists

Tecsound for soundproofing is effective for the damping of vibration and, because of its high mass, will reduce airborne noise too. To achieve the best possible solution on soundproofing projects, you will need to incorporate them into Quiet Interiors range of 'Systems', and it is here you will find Tecsound in a range of options. Each offers ways of increasing acoustic performance, for example, by fitting them alongside acoustic floor cradles to create a fully floating floor, by adding them to joist structures alongside sound insulation for a vast improvement for airborne and impact noise or use in concrete buildings as a standalone for impact reduction.

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