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The Shard Acoustic Plaster, London

The Shard Acoustic Plaster, London

BASWA Phon Ceilings by Quiet Interiors

Fabric Walling

Fabric Walling

BASWA Theatre Royal Acoustic Plaster

BASWA Theatre Royal Acoustic Plaster

BASWA Acoustic Plaster Installed to the Lobby area ceilings

One Barts Square

One Barts Square

BASWA phon Ceiling

Newport Street Gallery, London

Newport Street Gallery, London

RIBA Sterling Prize Winner. Best Building BASWA Ceiling Installed by Quiet Interiors

Soundproof Ceilings

Soundproof Ceilings

Soundproof Installation By Quiet Interiors

Manchester Town Hall, Manchester

Manchester Town Hall, Manchester

BASWA phon Ceilings by Quiet Interiors

Soundproofing Company & Acoustic Specialists

Acoustic Plaster - Soundproofing - Stretch Ceilings - Fabric Walls

Invisible Acoustics - domestic soundproofing sepcialists near london
BASWA Ceilings, Harrods London

 Acoustic Specialists in Hertfordshire

Quiet Interiors installs domestic soundproofing systems and acoustic solutions for the effective acoustic treatment of walls, ceilings, and floors in houses & flats as well as music studios, cinemas, garages, offices, restaurants, commercial buildings, and more.

Amongst many of our acoustic soundproofing products are sound absorbers such as wall and ceiling panels, acoustic wood, sound insulating plasterboard, soundboard insulation, soundproof floorboards, acoustic underlayment, and stretch fabrics. These products can be used on domestic projects as well as larger-scale industrial and commercial products. We carry out work all over the UK.

Quiet Interiors designs, supplies, builds, and installs every part of a home cinema room; from soundproofing to smart home control. Quiet Interiors are also a full-service premier dealer for entertainment technology and advanced automation in homes and businesses. Using the latest in technology, we design systems to integrate with the way you live and work, creating a smarter, safer, and more intuitive home or business. Visit our showroom with areas set up where you can experience automation solutions for both residential and commercial – before you buy. Let us work with you on your home or business to custom-design an acoustic treatment that meets your lifestyle and desired goals.

Quiet Interiors is also recognised as one of the preferred soundproofing installers in the UK for BASWA acoustic plaster system, Barrisol Stretch Ceilings, and Artolis wall fabric coverings which are widely used in schools, public sector buildings, galleries, museums, and restaurants to combat reverberation issues in large open areas. 

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soundproofing ceilings UK

Soundproofing Services

office building soundproofing acoustic installers UK

Acoustics Systems

Media Walls

Media Wall Builders

Home Cinema Builds

Home Cinema Hertfordshire

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Cinema Showroom - soundproofing installation companies
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Media Room Soundproofing

Our Sound Solutions & Acoustic Services

The BASWAphon seamless acoustic ceiling is a hand-applied system that brings together the acoustic benefits of Glassfibre acoustic slab and acoustic absorption plaster. This product was created in Switzerland many years ago and has been installed around the world extensively since. Now available in the UK this material is a great addition to the range of reverberation solutions. Contact our soundproofing installers today to learn more about our acoustic plaster options!

BASWA Acoustic Plaster installation UK baswaphon
acoustic fabric ceilings UK

Barrisol stretch ceiling fabric is the ideal solution when it comes to designing a space that matches your identity. The versatility and the technical characteristics of Barrisol fabrics means they can be adapted to create an entirely bespoke space.

Whether you want to redesign a home, an office, or a public space or renovate, decorate or create a unique shape of your own, The Barrisol Stretch ceiling system has the right solutions for your project, whatever your special requirements and demands. Available in acoustic, printed, translucent, coloured, or stain-proof, the possibilities are endless with Barrisol.

Indulge your imagination and explore the infinite possibilities available with our range of Barrisol ceiling products.

When it comes to creating the perfect home cinema experience, sound quality is just as important as visual quality. That's why a soundproof and acoustic fabric wall finish is a must-have for any home cinema. This type of finish not only enhances the sound quality within the room, but it also helps to reduce noise pollution from outside sources. Whether you're a homeowner looking to create the ultimate entertainment space or an AV professional seeking to provide your clients with the best possible experience, a soundproof and acoustic fabric wall finish is an investment that will enhance the performance to any room.

home cinema installers UK
TV Media Wall_edited.jpg

A media wall is a specially built wall in your home that can house your audio, video, gaming, and any other media equipment.

In many homes, media or entertainment walls have become an important living room feature, anchoring the room and giving it a wonderful focal point. They now provide stiff competition for the traditional fireplace, although you do not have to compromise when it comes to media wall or fireplace as integrated electric fireplaces are becoming common features of our walls.

Quiet Interiors media wall designs are bespoke and built depending on the customers’ needs and desires. They look best when they echo the architecture and décor of the home, they add character to an interior, reduce clutter and make the walls appear thicker resulting in a sense of solidity and permanence. They can even become a selling feature if one day you decided to move home.

Quiet Interiors is a leading recording studio design, construction, pro audio supplier, installation and integration company. Our showroom is located in St Albans. Our highly experienced team has decades of combined industry experience, with a proven track record for delivering high-end studio solutions tailored to client requirements and budgets.

We pride ourselves on overcoming the many challenges of studio design and construction, providing the best technical advice and value for money for all of our clients. We draw upon our many years of experience to provide solutions where others cannot. Our studio design team can provide detailed designs for small writing or production studios through to large multi-room facilities.

We have significant experience in providing design and construction solutions that overcome the constraints of many structural related issues, enabling our clients to make the best use of the available space whilst maintaining acoustic accuracy and high levels of isolation.

Recording Studio builders
Fabric Walling

Quiet Interiors offers an array of fabric walling services that cater to your unique style and interior design needs. We provide a wide range of fabric options and design customisation selections to enhance your home or office space. Our professional installation services guarantee a seamless look to complete the transformation of your interior.


Fabric Walling service offers you the perfect solution for your home cinema or recording studio. Our range of acoustic fabrics and fabric tracking system are expertly designed to create the best possible sound quality. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that you get the perfect acoustic environment to create the best possible sound.

Acoustic Plaster - Custom Finish

Quiet Interiors' acoustic plaster ceilings don't have to be white. We were asked to provide a custom finish for the set of the new Batman movie. See the results below. Visit our showroom in St Albans and see our sample sections from the set!

Movie set acoustics
the Batman logo
Acoustic Plaster Custom Finish

Quiet Interiors Partners

Baswa phon acoustic spray
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The Worlds Best Acoustic Plaster System

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Barrisol stretch Ceilings

The world leader in high-performance acoustic stretch ceilings and soundproof wall coverings

Acoustic Panels Fabric wrapped

Acoustic Panels

High-performance acoustic treatments and solutions

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