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Soundproof & Acoustic Specialists

At Quiet Interiors we Install a comprehensive range of domestic soundproofing systems and solutions for the effective treatment of walls, ceilings and floors in houses & flats as well as offices and commercial buildings.


Amongst many of our soundproofing and acoustic products are sound absorbers such as wall & ceiling panels, acoustic wood and stretch fabrics. These products can be used on domestic projects as well as larger scale industrial and commercial products. We carry out works all over the UK.


Quiet Interiors are also recognised as one of the preferred installers in the UK for BASWAphon acoustic plaster and Clipso stretch fabrics which are widely used in schools, public sector buildings, galleries, museums and restaurants to combat reverberation issues in large open areas. 

Detailed information on all of our services and products can be found throughout our website or for further information and advice please feel free to contact us on 020-8953-4043 or email info@quietinteriors.com

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BASWA Acoustic UK Installer

The BASWAphon seamless acoustic ceiling is a hand applied system which brings together the acoustic benefits of Glassfibre acoustic slab and acoustic absorption plaster. This product was created in Switzerland many years ago and has been installed around the world extensively since. Now available in the UK this material is a great addition to the range of reverberation solutions.


Ideal applications in offices, reception area's, restaurants, cinema's and theatres, hotels and any other venues where the acoustic reverberation performance needs correction in creating reduced noise levels to make a comfortable environment. This product doesn't just make the space quieter, it gives the entire environment a better feeling more beneficial when trying to create the correct ambience in places such as restaurants and hotels.

Clipso UK Installer

A French manufacturer of stretch fabrics for ceilings and walls, CLIPSO is the ideal solution when it comes to designing a space that matches your identity. The versatility and the technical characteristics of CLIPSO fabrics means they can be adapted to create an entirely bespoke space.
Whether you want to redesign a home, an office or a public space or renovate, decorate or create a unique shape of your own, CLIPSO has the right solutions for your project, whatever your special requirements and demands. Available in acoustic, printed, translucent, coloured or stain-proof, the possibilities are endless with CLIPSO stretch fabrics.
Indulge your imagination and explore the infinite possibilities available with our range of CLIPSO products.

Our fabrics can even be printed. Bring your rooms to life


Acoustic Moss Installer

Quiet Moss is our new decorative solution to improve room acoustics. 100% natural moss covering creates a seamless and high quality sound absorbing wall which would give your room an exclusive design. This green wall will keep its striking appearance, is almost maintenance free and needs no water or daylight. Pleasant room acoustics not only improve the sound experience room, they are crucial for health and wellbeing.

The call for natural green sustainable products is getting louder each day. Research has shown that natural greenery in offices boosts productivity, improves moods and reduces sick days. This makes Quiet Moss an excellent feature to offices, restaurants and more.

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