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Soundproofing in Commercial Buildings

A building’s acoustic environment is crucial to making the space feel hospitable and comfortable for all within. Therefore, it is essential to consider soundproofing your commercial building.

Without it, you run the risk of having a commercial space that is uncomfortable, subsequently leading to reduced patronage. This article will examine various soundproofing solutions for commercial buildings and how they can help.

How does commercial soundproofing work?

In commercial spaces where the din, chatter, and buzz of human activity are constant, various techniques can be used to control the sound vibrations and where they go. Such techniques include sound absorption, soundproofing, and controlling sound distribution.

Which businesses can benefit from soundproofing?

All businesses can benefit from soundproofing, as noise control is essential, with long-term exposure to dangerous decibels significantly impacting everyone in the space.

Fitness centres, hotels, and restaurants have a reputation for a certain level of noise. However, when it exceeds certain thresholds, as it is likely to do, it can affect the customer experience and lead to bad reviews.

Soundproofing solutions are also necessary in call centres, where employees must be focused on talking to their customers while dealing with noise from elsewhere. All commercial centres with heightened customer-client activity and operations can benefit from the right soundproofing solutions.

Popular soundproofing solutions for commercial buildings

Whether you own an office, restaurant, fitness centre, mall, or cinema, the following soundproofing solutions can help you control noise distribution in the space and keep the interior comfortable for your workers and customers:

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are an excellent soundproofing option for offices, as they’re designed to cover up sound and absorb it. Note, though, that for the best results, you should have them installed by professionals.


Acoufelt acoustic carpet tiles use QuietBack™ technology to absorb noise reflected from floors, while QuietPrint™ can treat walls and ceilings, making your commercial space noise-free.

BASWA acoustic finishes

BASWA acoustic finishes are a high-level sound-absorbing plaster system that combines aesthetics and comfort to create an optimal acoustic commercial space. The finishes are extremely fine, smooth, and groove-free and are applicable in various large and small commercial buildings.

Other acoustic materials

Various other soundproofing solutions for commercial buildings exist, some of which can be used at the construction stage. They include the following:

Benefits of soundproofing in commercial buildings

Here are a few reasons why soundproofing solutions are essential in commercial buildings:

Blocking out airborne noise

Airborne noise, such as traffic, loud music, or human chatter filtering in, originates outside the space. Acoustic walls and ceilings can absorb sound waves as they permeate the otherwise sound-porous materials of most buildings.

Blocking out impact noise

Impact noise results from objects colliding together, from the vibrations of large appliances and machines, or even simple footsteps. The right acoustic solutions in commercial spaces can significantly reduce impact noise and bring comfortable serenity.

Blocking out structural vibrations

Structural vibrations are sounds that travel through a building, such as when an aeroplane flies low overhead or the sounds of an HVAC system. Acoustic solutions like acoustic ceilings and panels can limit the impact of such vibrations in commercial buildings.

Contact the soundproofing experts today to bring serenity into your commercial space

Whatever commercial enterprise you run, you cannot deny how much your business can benefit from the right soundproofing solutions. At Quiet Interiors, we have a wide range of soundproofing offerings for offices, restaurants, construction areas, and other commercial centres. Contact us today.



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