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Acoufelt UK Acoustic System

acoufelt - noiseproofing uk

Quiet Interiors Suppliers of Acoufelt

Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet™ in shared spaces for better working, learning, and living. Our Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy looks at all six surfaces of a room to deliver exceptional solutions that represent the nexus point for aesthetic and acoustic design. Our holistic approach to sustainability and our commitment to thought leadership makes Acoufelt a disruptive force in revolutionising the design of shared spaces.

Acoufelt meeting room
Acoufelt Meeting room
acoufelt with wood soundproofing

Acoufelt Acoustics UK

Acoufelt is committed to taking a holistic and integrated approach to solving our customers acoustics problems – Making Quiet™ for real business advantage. At the heart of this approach is the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC™ philosophy.

Acoufelt delivers solutions to the problem of Making Quiet™ for working, learning, and living spaces.

World class thought leadership in acoustics drives our approach to problem solving which results in an increasing number of industry specific innovative sound solutions.

The “acoustic” vs “aesthetics” design compromise has often fallen in favour of aesthetics. The Acoufelt holistic approach means we look for ways to eliminate the need for compromise. Acoufelt acoustic carpet tiles featuring QuietBack™ can be used to absorb noise reflected from the floors, and walls and ceilings can be treated with acoustic panels featuring QuietPrint™ – a holistic solution.

Acoufelt™ is all about Making Quiet™ for working, learning and living spaces. World class thought leadership drives the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC™ philosophy of delivering acoustic materials suitable for all three surfaces; floor, wall and ceiling. Our industry specific innovative solutions eliminate compromise, allowing you to design for the ears as well as the eyes.


The Full Colour collection represents an assortment of hand-selected colourways, available on a FilaSorb™ acoustic panel for wall applications.


Acoufelt panels are comprised of FilaSorb™, contributing to both the acoustic performance of the panel, as well as the smooth surface finish.




The Flinders carpet tile collection is a 100% solution dyed nylon carpet tile in the 500mm x 500mm square format.


Featuring QuietBack™, this carpet tile achieves an acoustic rating of NRC 0.35. Available in six beautiful colourways, Flinders carpet tiles are designed specifically to provide superior acoustic performance to that of similar floor coverings.

Acoustic Carpet
Wood Be Quiet

Wood Be Quiet

WoodBeQuiet™ is the synchronisation of visual beauty, superior sound absorption and environmental sensitivity. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Three become complete in one; past, present and future aligned.

Fracture Acoustic felt


Fracture Chevron is a rigid acoustic panel that features a bevelled ‘chevron’ groove design. Fracture panels are available in a wide range of full colours, and are appropriate for both wall and ceiling applications.

Acoustic Shapes
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