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Music Studio builders in Cambridge

Quiet Interiors Music Studio Design and Build Service

Traditional recording studio architecture delivered with modern design/build approach.

Our recording studio design, build and acoustics team have many years experience in the trade, servicing Recording, Post Production, Broadcast, TV, Education, Live Performance and Home Cinema sectors. We work in the private, commercial, and public sectors for composers, to world renowned studios, artists and universities. We have the expertise to guide your project from concept to completion. 

Recording Studio
Studio Build

Music Studio Design

Ideally, our music studio builders get involved at the project's inception, consulting on the location, size of the potential rooms, and evaluating the space for optimal acoustics and isolation. From there, we can take the project from idea to completion, including all the following services:

  • Conception and schematic designs

  • Architectural drawings and acoustic design

  • Supervising construction

  • Supervising equipment selection and implementation

  • Supervising wiring design, installation, room tuning and calibration

Acoustics in a Music Studio

Quiet Interiors get involved in an array of acoustic design projects outside of the recording studio world, from multi-use performance spaces within offices and private Cinemas to luxury listening environments in private and public spaces. 

Quiet Interiors work with a select team of specialists and acousticians based in Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire. We can accommodate any design challenge for your desired project.


Having long history within iconic recording studios around the UK, our music studio builders apply design principles from work with major artists and recording companies to acoustic design for a variety of clientele. We tailor our designs to the project's needs, however ambitious or simple the plans, and however modest or grand the space and specification.

Professional Studio Monitors

Together with MK Sound, Quiet Interiors offer world-class custom monitoring solutions to suit a variety of playback environments.


These award-winning monitoring systems are used by Disney, Universal and Lucasfilm to name a few.


The installation of MK Sound monitors involves the following:

  • Acoustic consultation (analysis, measurements, etc.)

  • Cabinet, component and amplification design

  • Installation, tuning, calibration

MK Sound
X+Series Subwoofers
MK Sound Studio Monitors

Studio Acoustics

Acoustics are central to the success of any recording studio build, and achieving good acoustic performance requires careful design and meticulous attention to detail. Quiet Interiors approach to studio design combines a thorough understanding of acoustics with an appreciation of the ergonomic and aesthetic factors that make a studio great.

We can assist you with room analysis in order to determine the appropriate acoustic solution, be it a bespoke design or prefabricated ‘off-the-shelf’ acoustic panels. We provide onsite supervision and installation where required, or can simply supply plans in order for you to carry out the work with your own contractor.

  • Acoustic design for isolation and room acoustics

  • Bespoke acoustic solutions

  • Advice, planning, supervision & installation

  • Room analysis and advice on isolation and room acoustic issues.

  • Studio monitor alignment

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