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Sound Blocking Vs Sound Absorption: What's The Difference?

John, a software engineer, lives in a three-bedroom home with his family in East London.

The easy commute to his office in Farringdon, the never-ending activities, Instagrammable spots, and many pubs all form part of why he loves the capital city. But the noise, a huge concern, is beginning to prevent him from having a good sleep every night.

Many people looking for ways to eliminate their noise problems, like John, often think sound blocking and sound absorption stand for the same thing. They don't.

This sound blocking vs sound absorption post will shed more light on the terms, the difference between them, and which option is best for you.

What is sound blocking?

Sound blocking is the stopping or blocking of sound transmission using a heavy, dense material. It prevents sound from entering or leaving a space.

Sound blocking materials can be installed inside walls, doors, floors, and ceilings, helping to keep external noise outside and internal sound inside.

What is sound absorption?

Sound absorption is the absorption of sound waves that cause background noise, echo, and poor acoustics in a space.

Sound absorption products are usually made of soft materials with spaces, such as foam and fiber, making it easy to trap sounds. Excellent sound absorbing products include acoustic panels, tiles, quiet moss, acoustic woods, and other options.

Sound blocking vs sound absorption - the difference

Although both are solutions to noise problems, sound blocking and sound absorption are different.

While sound blocking prevents sound from entering or leaving your space, sound absorption absorbs the sound that enters.

Which should you go for?

It depends on the noise problem you're trying to improve. First, figure out the type of noise problem you have by identifying the noise and where it is coming from.

If the problem is frequent echoing or internal reverberation, sound absorption is the ideal solution.

Does music from your neighbour's loudspeaker find its way into your space? Or the constant honking of vehicles prevents you from having a good night's sleep?

It's best to block out the noise and prevent it from entering your home. A good sound blocking material will ensure your home is calm and quiet all day.

There you go, the sound blocking vs sound absorption difference!

Whether the noise source is internal or external, Quiet Interiors can deploy the most effective sound blocking or sound absorbing materials suitable for your needs. Get in touch with us today!



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